Welcome to Sis on High

Sis on High is a lifestyle blog and resource hub for BIWOC (Black Indigenous Women of Color) who are yearning to foster meaningful connections with other women who have backgrounds that include trauma and strained familial relationships. Here BIWOC can find relatable stories and tips on wellness, self-care, and leveling up in life. Our goal is to help BIWOC find their optimal highs in life after experiencing trauma. First, by teaching them how to take care of themselves better. And secondly, by challenging them to claim the lives they truly desire. We challenge the notion that space is something that must be earned for BIWOC by enabling the distribution of stories and experiences.

The Founder of Sis on High

Siera Whitaker

Hi! I’m Siera (S.J.W.) Whitaker. I’m a creator-preneur, educator, and writer. For so long I navigated the world incompetent of my self-worth. My upbringing disenabled me to build confidence. It didn’t help me build communication skills or healthy money habits, either. My mom and dad fought. They were drug users. Due to my rocky childhood, I put myself in emotionally abusive relationships and in situations where I wasn’t respected. I spent a lot of time blaming myself for things I shouldn’t have blamed myself for. Eventually, I fell into depression because I felt I wasn’t worthy of love. I often didn’t think I would complete college, have a good life, or even live long because I felt too many obstacles were in front of me. However, I learned that I could eventually, and I did.

As a result of my ambition to do better, I graduated college magna cum laude with a bachelor’s of science degree in business and content strategy. This is an accomplishment I am super proud of because I designed my degree’s curriculum myself! Furthermore, I have built a career that has been largely based in the non-profit and education sectors. I’ve worked as a mentor, educator, and community builder for the several past years. Now you can find me and my writing featured in midnight and indigo, the Sacrosanct Collective, and Big Sisters Club. I launched my first company, Affirm Noire, in 2020. Affirm Noire amplifies the experiences and stories of BIPOC and BIPOC LGBT-identifying creators. Also, it centralizes the significance of their self-care and wellness.

My goal is to help BIWOC find their optimal highs in life.

In other words, I STRONGLY believe self-care and financial independence are the best ways to achieve your optimal high in life, especially after trauma. I think that to find it, you must use your divine-given talents and be smart about money. The notion that happiness is a never-ending extremely fulfilling wave of emotion is the result of a cheesy, Americanized vision so many are led to believe. Life is not about smiling and feeling great at all times. But I think if we can aim to be happy most of the time, we can be great most of the time, as well. Consequently, a comfort with oneself, an understanding of one’s value, the drive to do exceptional things, financial stability, and a strategy to manifest the lifestyle one envisions for themselves leads to an optimal high. Certainly, an optimal high is an internal space one can occupy at any time. They just have to go after it!